lunedì 10 dicembre 2012

Some cool comments

Dal sito riporto questa scheda che raccoglie anche alcuni autorevoli commenti:

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Product Information
Due soon...Ltd to 300 copies / gatefold sleeve with poster
i Fenomeni... da Genova!
“Hanging Empty (Memories from the life of GL)” is the debut album from the
Italian neo-psych beat band I Fenomeni.
Rooted in sounds and melodies from the late '60s Italian pre-progressive
bands the band are perhaps an ideal missing link between late psychedelic
beat and early heavy prog-rock
The album consists almost entirely of original tracks.
This LP is not simply garage, nor psychedelic, nor heavy, but rather a good blend of all these musical genres together.
So, as the Standells would say there is only one way to find out: TRY IT!
If you do happen to love it, you're in quite a good company!!
Johnny Echols, Love: "This is very cool"
Colin Blunstone, Zombies: “Sounds like the Zombies!!!”
Craig Moore, Gonn: "Sounds great, very authentic 60's Italian sound, cool!"
Ronnie Splinter, Outsiders: "It sounds great. The songs are good and are
different than those of other bands. Well done!"
Umberto Bultrighini, Tubi Lungimiranti: "That's beat. Really!"
Carl Rusk, Nashville Ramblers: "Love you guys. Can we tour together?"
Timothy Gassen, Knights of Fuzz: “Carrying the tradition of primo
Italian '60s beat combos, I Fenomeni are ready to take their place amongst
Euro garage greats”
Mojo Mills, Shindig! Magazine: “Yeah!”
LATO A 1. “Intro: come questa pietra” 2. “Un vuoto appeso” 3. “Qualcuno” 4.
“Un forte bisogno” 5. “Credi in te” 6. “Senza dubbi nel cuore” 7. “Passerà
LATO B 8. “Gexa de san giulian” 9. “Ho iniziato volentieri” 10. “Buio mondo
nero e giallo” 11. “Vai via da qui” 12. “Ti aspetto ancora” 13. “Ricordo la
vita di GL” 14. “Più in alto dei cieli”